03 December 2009

Tethys workshop

On December 2nd, Tethys organised an internal workshop that had a considerable attendance (25 collaborators, including juniors and seniors).

On this occasion, the participants presented and discussed the research and conservation activities conducted since 1986, the ongoing projects in the Pelagos Sanctuary and in Greece, and the future goals and "vision" of the Institute.

Nine presentations were scheduled:

  • Synthesis of the work done by Tethys, 1986-2009 (Giovanni Bearzi)
  • An overview of Tethys field courses, 1990-2009 (Stefano Agazzi)
  • The dolphins of the Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece (Joan Gonzalvo)
  • The new research project in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece (Silvia Bonizzoni)
  • Cetacean Sanctuary Research: 20 years in the Pelagos Sanctuary (Sabina Airoldi and Simone Panigada)
  • The "Habitat" project (Arianna Azzellino)
  • Fin whale feeding areas in the western Ligurian Sea (Maddalena Jahoda)
  • Aerial and naval surveys in the Pelagos Sanctuary (Simone Panigada)
  • The Tethys project on cetacean collisions with ships (Elisa Remonato)
The workshop was a success and the president of Tethys, Giovanni Bearzi, declared: "It turned out to be a pleasant and productive event... Even for those who know Tethys well, seeing so much work presented at once has been a moving experience. I am also glad that we can rely on so many skilled collaborators, and I look forward to the next opportunity to meet and share ideas and information".

Silvia Bonizzoni

Photo: Some of the participants in the Tethys workshop held at the Milan Civic Aquarium on December 2nd, 2009 (click on photo to enlarge)

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