05 November 2010

Looting the seas

After 'The End of the Line', a powerful film has become available about one of the planet's most disturbing environmental problems - overfishing:

'Looting the Seas: how overfishing, fraud, and negligence plundered the majestic bluefin tuna'

This is a project of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Its multinational team investigated into the bluefin trade for seven months scouring public records and interviewed sources in ten countries.

The documentary is composed by:

Overview - The Black Market in Bluefin. How a decade of rampant fraud and lax oversight threatened tuna stocks and created a $4 billion black market.

Part I - A Mediterranean feeding frenzy. How overfishing, rampant cheating, and official complicity plundered the Atlantic bluefin tuna

Part II - Diving into the tuna ranching industry. Sea "ranches” for fattening tuna became lucrative centers for “laundering” bluefin.

Part III - Bluefin, Inc. With no questions asked, Japanese traders fed a ravenous demand for high-quality sushi.

Not to be missed !


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