11 December 2011

All about Mediterranean's sperm whales

On the 17th and 18th of November the 1st International Workshop “Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation of Sperm Whale in the Mediterranean Sea” took place in Ischia (Italy).

Organised by Menkab and Oceanomare Delphis, the meeting was a great occasion to summarise and update the current situation of the species in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean sperm whales are a unique undivided subpopulation, about which too many crucial information remain unknown.

The Mediterranean sperm whales are classified as Endangered by IUCN, with an estimate of less than 2500 adult individuals and a possible declining trend. Despite the efforts we don’t know about their movements inside the basin, nor the area where they breed.

The workshop brought together researchers from all over the Mediterranean Sea, from Universities and non-profit organisations, with the aim of exchanging vital information and creating new collaborations.

Four of our Tethys collaborators participated to share their experience and knowledge.

The workshop was fruitful and we all hope to come together again in a couple of years for the second run.

Francesca Zardin

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