31 January 2012

The magic of Samadai

Giuseppe Notarbartolo, Tethys' President, about the dolphins in the Red Sea studies by our friends from HEPCA:

A few days ago I returned to Samadai after an absence of six years, and before arriving there I feared disappointment. As it often happens these days in our fast degrading world, it is never too wise to compare reality with our past memories, particularly when these concern the delicate balance of a small, highly vulnerable coral reef, a sitting duck under the crossfire of the mounting pressures of tourism growth, climate change, overfishing and other threats. But as I soon discovered, I did not need to fear...
Read the article in an extract from HEPCA January Newsletter

Un articolo di Giuseppe Notarbartolo, Presidente di Tethys, sulla pagina dei nostri amici di HEPCA, che studiano i delfini del Mar Rosso.
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