29 November 2008

It’s not so simple

We sometimes think that, to save a cetacean species, the only thing we need to do is to completely and quickly remove the main threat. However, reality often presents a higher degree of complexity.

Filmmaker Chris Johnson of earthOCEAN recently interviewed Catalina Lopez Sagástegui of Noroeste Sustentable (NOS), a non-governmental organization that deals with conflict resolution in conservation. Catalina is a marine biologist specialized in the vaquita, the small cetacean threatened by gillnets in Mexico. She explains very well why this conservation issue is more complex than we may think.

“It’s very simple to say We need to get gillnets out of the water... True, this is the quickest way to save the vaquita, but behind that there’s so many different issues that you have to look at...”

In this 5 minutes interview, Catalina reports her experience working on vaquita conservation over the last couple of years, what her organization is trying to do and the pulse of local community.

Have a look !

Silvia Bonizzoni



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