27 September 2010

Four weeks between heaven and sea

How time flies, if your are enjoying yourself. After being a research assistant for four weeks I have to go on with my life in Germany. Four weeks of boat life, on the sea so far away from usual life at home. Looking back at those weeks I realise that Pelagos and the Mediterranean Sea became my home. Every time we headed out to sea, I felt the same buzz of anticipation as if it was the first time for me: the amazing feeling of happiness when seeing the graceful dolphins that come along to join the boat. Beyond all words is the experience of bathing in the majestic glow that is spread by the big whales. Those four weeks were like living on another planet, floating high somewhere between heaven and sea. And even now that I am back in Germany’s cold and rainy autumn, I just let my mind travel back to San Remo, thinking of the whales and dolphins of the Mediterranean. Then I get the same uplifting feelings, the same good vibes as if I was still on board. And that will make me survive until next year. Thanks to all people I met on board, especially to Francesca and Viridiana, who taught me all I had to know for being a good research assistant. Thanks also to Nino, Eva and Letizia: I had such a great last week with you. Hope to see you all again next year!

Nina Kelch
CSR research assistant

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