01 August 2012

CSR_10 (July, 16th-22nd)

Although the weather conditions forced the crew to spend a day in the harbor by the end of the week, the tenth cruise in the waters of the Pelagos Sanctuary had a great start. More than 500 km were sailed at sea searching for marine life in the coastal and deep waters of the Ligurian Sea. Eleven cetacean sightings were recorded including striped dolphins, fin whales and a loose aggregation of at least 5 “tricky” sub-adult sperm whales. In the latter case, the animals, which were, at first, engaging in feeding activity just a few nautical miles off the Iles of Lerins, close by to Cannes, started to gather together at the surface at sunset. Unfortunately the sun disappeared behind the mountains, taking the secrets of the sea well safe in the darkness of the night. 
With the words of Sidney Buchman “If there were no mystery left to explore, life would get rather dull, wouldn't it?” resonating in the chilly air of the evening, we headed towards the coast and dropped the anchor in the bay of Cannes. It doesn’t matter how many times one can see the majesty of whales, every new sighting is like the first one ever. That’s why we are now ready and looking forward again to going out at sea, waiting for it to reveal us its secrets.  

The Tethys CSR Team, Anna, Brandon, Elsa and Nino

Following link is for participants of this week's expedition, showing the ship's route, pictures of some of the sightings and of some moments of the cruise which were memorable (or even not so...).

Ai partecipanti al turno √® dedicato un link con il percorso effettuato durante la settimana, le foto di alcuni avvistamenti e qualche immagine dei momenti da ricordare - importanti e non.

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