07 December 2012

A Whale for X'mas

"A Whale for X'mas" is back: this is definitely an unusual proposal provided by Tethys with the aim of giving anyone the opportunity to contribute to cetacean research and marine environment conservation. 
Among the individuals which have been known to researchers for years are "Matt", "Fede", "Gabi", "Henry", "Luke" e "Noni"; choose one of those individuals, make a donation starting from a minimum of 10 euros, and the certificate will be sent by email (or by snail mail if you prefer a printed one). In the latter case the beneficiary can also get a nice necklace or a keychain with a whale tail.
You can also request the certificate and the necklace/keychain for yourself. 
In any case, with this gesture you will truly contribute to the safeguard of the cetaceans and their environment. 

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