08 September 2007

In which ways does Tethys cooperate with OceanCare and WDCS?

The Tethys Research Institute is a scientific organization that aims to document cause-effect relationships through rigorous research at sea. As scientists, we are committed to data collection and analyses that – ideally – should constitute the core of our activities. But research at sea has high costs and fundraising ends up being one of the most important and time-consuming issues, also considering that Tethys is independent from governments, from the industry and from the military.

The possibility of relying on consistent financial and other support coming from fellow NGOs releases pressure, allows long-term projects to unfold, and enables us to focus on our scientific work rather than on boring proposal- and report-writing.

Every minute spent on fundraising is a minute subtracted from the actual meaningful work we do. Therefore, it is good to have at least someone who trusts you based on the work you have done over the past 20+ years, and offers seed funding to support its continuation. To a researcher, it is frustrating to spend so much time writing proposals. Ideally, funding should be based on your reliability as a scientist and on a proven capability to produce meaningful actions and publications, out of little money.

OceanCare and WDCS - the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society – have been supporting our work for a long time. Eventually, this has developed into a relationship of friendship and mutual trust. We now work side by side to promote the protection of animals and habitats that are close to our hearts.

Tethys and its fellow NGOs team up to promote conservation actions ranging from lobbying at international meetings to public awareness and education initiatives. Tethys provides consultancy and scientific support, and NGOs including OceanCare and WDCS use this expertise to strengthen their conservation actions.

Giovanni Bearzi

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