27 July 2008

Bringing the dolphins of Greece to Los Angeles students

On July, 17th, Earthwatch volunteer Larissa Karan and I held a video conference with a group of school children from Virgil Middle School in Los Angeles, California.

Larissa teaches science to students with special needs. She does that in the most densely populated area of Los Angeles. As an educator, Larissa wanted to share with her students her experience with Tethys researchers studying bottlenose dolphins in the Amvrakikos Gulf.

Larissa received an expedition scholarship from Earthwatch to participate in the Dolphins of Greece expedition, with the aim of passing on to students her field experience. Her motivation, enthusiasm and commitment to teaching motivated me to participate in a video conference with kids from her school. It was a unique opportunity for students to ask questions about dolphins, research and marine conservation.

Answering the questions posed by the kids and seeing Larissa in action for about an hour was a touching experience. If you are curious about the kids’ questions and delivered answers, you may want to check Larissa’s web page.

Joan Gonzalvo

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