27 October 2008

ECS 2009

On 2-4 March, 2009, the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Cetacean Society will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) and will be hosted by the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TÜDAV).

Since climate change is a major concern all over the world both on land and at sea and there is increasing evidence of its negative effects on biodiversity, the theme of the conference is ‘Climate change and marine mammals’.

The scientific committee of the conference is composed by Graham Pierce, Mario Acquarone,
 Alexei Birkun,
 Peter Evans,
 Alexandre Gannier,
 Ali Cemal Gücü,
 Colin MacLeod,
 Giuseppe Nortabartolo di Sciara (Tethys honorary president), Ayaka Öztürk,
 Bayram Öztürk, and Simone Panigada (Tethys vice-president).

The conference organizers welcome contributions relating to topics such as 1) historical catch records of cetaceans in the Black Sea, 2) Mediterranean monk seals and their management/conservation, 3) marine mammals of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. However, talks and posters on all aspects of marine mammal science are equally appreciated.

If you are interested, please note that abstracts must be submitted no later than November 3rd, 2008, and that early registration ends on January 7th, 2009.


For more information:
European Cetacean Society 2009

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