15 September 2009

Cetacean Sanctuary Research 16, 7-13 September

What an incredible, unforgettable experience! It was SO much better than what I expected. From the initial sighting of striped dolphins riding the bow of the Pelagos, to the days spent studying Matt the sperm whale (and others), I was awestruck. It was especially gratifying to see that, even so close to the end of the season, the researchers were just as excited by the animal sightings as the volunteers were. The crew provided warm hospitality and were anxious to share information about the cetaceans and Tethys’ research. It was great fun spending a week with a group of wonderful, interesting people – researchers and volunteers alike. Thank you all for contributing to an excellent week at sea! Grazie mille a tutti!

Debby, Canada


“The sea is a mirror, a home and a mother, ‘tis we who are richer when she calls us back.”
-- Samuel Coleridge
Thanks everyone, please continue to respect the environment.

Ian, Canada


Thanks for a fantastic week on Pelagos! Thanks to all the crew, Caterina, Mauro, Valentina, Vittorio, Eric and of course Robie for sharing all their knowledge and enthusiasm with us, as well as the volunteers who have made this week so great. Fantastic sperm whale and striped dolphin sightings along with great food, great people and amazing weather. GRAZIE!

Joanna, England

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