13 September 2009

Delphi's Dolphins, 6–12 September

We came here to see dolphins and do field work with the researchers, but the experience was far more than this. The bottlenose dolphins were extremely amazing when they were *socializing* and playing with jellyfish and with each other... and so was the turtle chasing the jellyfish... all these things just let us think that we have to protect our environment. Thanks for the delicious foods, especially the pizza and the pita, hmmmmmmmm. These 5 days were really short, even if we got up at 6.45, but we want to thank you thank you thank you Susie and Stefano for the work and the experience!

Orsi and Dòri, Hungary


This trip was really cool! On our first day we got to see dolphins and sea turtles! The dolphins were amazing to watch and I really felt good when they were swimming close to the boat! It was also fun riding in the boat even when we weren't with dolphins. I have also enjoyed the Greek experience and will definitely come to Greece again in the future. The early mornings are hard but the rewards are huge and I would like to thank Susie and Stefano for being helpful and friendly. It has been a pleasure to work with them both!

Jade, England


I’d never seen dolphins before in their natural habitat and I can’t quite believe that now I have! Seeing a group of them on the first day was amazing and not only that but seeing two sea turtles as well was brilliant! Thank you so much Stefano and Susie for all the lectures and information you gave us as these really helped me understand exactly why this research is important and it also made me realise what I can do to help as well. I’ve really enjoyed experiencing all of the Greek culture as well, such as the pittas. Swimming in the sea everyday has also been great as I was able to sea all the fish and sea urchins when I went snorkelling. Touching the jellyfish has also been a personal highlight! I hope I’ve been helpful with the data collection and it’s really been a pleasure to work with you!

Vicky, England

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