27 March 2010

ECS Conference 2010: the contribution of Tethys

A number of Tethys collaborators participated in the ECS Conference, and four contributions were presented.

The ECS Chair and Vice-President of Tethys, Simone Panigada, opened the Conference with a talk on the results of the aerial surveys conducted in winter and summer 2009 in the Pelagos Sanctuary, funded by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

Tethys researchers Enrico Pirotta, Elisa Remonato and Alessia Scuderi presented posters entitled, respectively: 1) Distribution and ecology of Risso's dolphin in the western Ligurian Sea in relation to physiographic, oceanographic and intrinsic parameters; 2) Ship strikes with cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea: assessment, public awareness and mitigation measures; and 3) Identification of fin whale feeding areas in the western Ligurian Sea.

Elisa Remonato

Photo: The Tethys contingent in Stralsund.

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