03 August 2010

Cetacean Sanctuary Research 11 (26 July - 1 August)

The last week on Pelagos saw a change in the crew with Viridiana and Francesca starting their season on board. The weather was not cooperative but striped dolphins joined us throughout the week and we were lucky to spot a tiny newborn who thrilled everyone on board. Despite the many fin whale sightings in the previous weeks, it appears that environmental conditions have caused them to move away this week. We searched for them intently, until a huge splash at the horizon rewarded us for our efforts and we came across a shy fin whale surrounded by feeding tunas. We had the pleasure of welcoming on board a researcher from the Joint Research Centre, Jean-Noel Druon, a habitat modeller who specialises in fin whale and tuna distribution. He shared his expertise with us to increase our understanding of the species. There was a fantastic atmosphere on board this week, thanks to enthusiastic and eco-friendly volunteers who made our work a real pleasure.

Francesca, Viridiana, Joanna and Maria (Members of the CSR Team)


Thank you very much girls for this wonderful experience. We will never forget you, Tethys, cetaceans… We appreciated your patience to teach us. We learnt so much. You can be sure that our behaviour will be different now towards the sea. Continue to believe in your dream: a better world!

Fanchon and Theo (France)


Francesca, Viridiana, Joanna, Maria e Paolo: Thank you, mille grazie e merci! Dank Euch hatte ich eine wundervolle Woche. Ihr brennt fuer Euren Traum, fuer die Wale und Delfine und helft uns diese Welt besser zu verstehen. Niemals zuvor verging eine Stunde schneller, in der ich auf einer Stelle stand und geradeaus blickte. All the best for you and the animals.

Carolin (Germany)


Tout au long de la semaine, j’ai apprécié l’enthousiasme des sympathiques chercheuses de Tethys et la gentillesse du capitaine Paolo. Quel bonheur de voir tous ces dauphins et d’apercevoir le rorqual tant attendu! Et vive la Mare Nostrum que j’apprécie depuis mon enfance.

Philippe (France)


Przyjezdzajac tutaj nie za bardzo wiedzialem co mnie czeka - byl to wyjazd-niespodzianka zorganizowany przez mojego tate. Musze przyznac, ze jest to wspaniala forma spedzenia kilku dni wolnych – wyjatkowa atmosfera, bardzo mili ludzie ; mozna zarowno odpoczac jak i dowiedziewc sie wielu interesujacych rzeczy. Pomimo ze pogoda momentami niedopisywala, byla to przygoda wspaniala :P

Jan (Polska)

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