14 August 2010

Ionian Dolphins 12 (8-14 August)

Tous mes remerciements pour cette semaine de decouverte a Tethys et de leur impressionnant travail de fond pour la connaissance des dauphins, avec Silvia et Philippa qui sont d’une extreme gentillesse et d’une tres grande disponibilite. Je remercie egalement Giovanni pour sa gentillesse, pour ses explications et sa facilite a rendre son travail accessible a des personnes non professionnelles. Le travail effectue sur des centaines de photos pour la reconnaissance de dauphins deja repertories merite le respect. Cette semaine a ete pour moi exceptionnelle du point de vue de la connaissance et d’un point de vue humain. Merci de la part des generations futures qui benficieront de ce travail magnifique.

Frederic, France


I am hoping to study for a degree in Marine Biology next year so was looking to gain some experience in how a scientific research project of this kind is carried out. Aside from that, spending time in a beautiful village and the chance to see dolphins in the wild was of course a major attraction. I am pleased to say that what I have experienced here has far exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The team here are so friendly, extremely knowledgable, and their enthusiasm for protecting the future of these beautiful creatures and their home is nothing short of infectious. I have learned so much in just a week, and thanks to the researchers and fellow volunteers, had a fantastic time doing so. I’ve had a truly unforgettable experience and seen such beauty. Thank you.

Alison, England


I should say I came to spend this week to Galaxidi to have a closer approach to dolphins, learn about them as much as possible and experience their wild life. I absolutely had all that, as we had the opportunity to share amazing sightings and lots of explanations. I am impressed by the work of Tethys, the amount of photos and data collected to be analysed is immense and is only useful with a systematic organised way of looking at it, as yours. In addition to all that, I really thank you for going one step further and sharing with us your concerns about world wide ecosystems, from a point of view that is looking for real changes and real solutions. It has been interesting and very enriching. And of course, congratulations for a fantastic organization, and thank you so much for having treated us with so much care. Good luck on your next steps on this quite new project, and lots of courage for your new projects and lobbying campaigns that will be coming. I hope you keep me updated on your fantastic work, and any time you come to Barcelona let me know!

Andrea, Spain

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