24 November 2011

Don't send X'mas cards, send a whale!

To be friends with no less than a whale is definitely an unusual proposal provided by Tethys with the aim of giving anyone the opportunity to contribute to cetacean research and marine environment conservation.
You can choose the “friendship” of a sperm whale in the Sanctuary, whether for yourself or as a gift, from one of six individuals. The individual you choose is recognisable from the fluke and from the particular pigmentation on the skin. The certificate will be sent by email and the cost is 5 euro.
Some of the individuals have been known to researchers for more than ten years during which time information has patiently been collected. “Friends” will have access to current information and future updates on new sightings. Nevertheless, this gift considerably contributes to the conservation of the animals and their environment.

All the details on Tethys' website

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