29 November 2011

The key role of krill featured in Happy Feet Two

Two of Hollywood’s biggest names portraying the smallest actors in one of the world’s most pristine ocean ecosystems is perfect timing. While still primarily a tale about Emperor Penguins, Happy Feet Two, just released in theaters, also features elephant seals, leopard seals, and most importantly, krill, which is voiced by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt.
Krill plays an important role in the Antarctic food web and is the primary food source for whales and seals in the Southern Ocean - in addition to the penguins of Happy Feet. Recently, demand for these crustaceans has increased as they are being used as feed for industrially farmed fish. This overfishing, in addition to sea-ice loss, threaten to destroy stocks in key feeding areas for penguins, seals and whales .
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