22 October 2012

Feeding fin whales: a new paper

A new scientific paper about Mediterranean fin whales, coauthored by Tethys' vice President Simone Panigada, has been issued:

Potential feeding habitat of fin whales in the western Mediterranean Sea: an environmental niche model

Abstract: The development of synoptic tools is required to derive the potential habitat of fin whales Balaenoptera physalus on a large-scale basis in the Mediterranean Sea, as the species has a largely unknown distribution and is at high risk of ship strike. We propose a foraging habitat model for fin whales in the western Mediterranean Sea relying on species ecology for the choice of predictors. The selected environmental variables are direct predictors and resource predictors available at daily and basin scales. Feeding habitat was determined mainly from the simultaneous occurrence of large oceanic fronts of satellite-derived sea-surface chlorophyll content (chl a) and temperature (SST). A specific range of surface chl a content (0.11 to 0.39 mg m−3) and a minimum water depth (92 m) were also identified to be important regional criteria. Daily maps were calibrated and evaluated against independent sets of fin whale sightings (presence data only).Specific chl a fronts represented the main predictor of feeding environment; therefore, derived habitat is a potential, rather than effective, habitat, but is functionally linked to a proxy of its resource (chl a production of fronts). The model performs well, with 80% of the presence data <9.7 km from the predicted potential habitat. The computed monthly, seasonal and annual maps of potential feeding habitat from 2000 to 2010 correlate, for the most part, with current knowledge on fin whale ecology. Overall, fin whale potential habitat occurs frequently during summer in dynamic areas of the general circulation, and is substantially more spread over the basin in winter. However, the results also displayed high year-to-year variations (40 to 50%), which are essential to consider when assessing migration patterns and recommending protection and conservation measures.

Jean-Noël Druon, Simone Panigada, Léa David, Alexandre Gannier, Pascal Mayol, Antonella Arcangeli, Ana Cañadas, Sophie Laran, Nathalie Di Méglio, Pauline Gauffier. 2012. Potential feeding habitat of fin whales in the western Mediterranean Mar Ecol Prog Ser Vol. 464: 289–306,

Read the paper (open access)

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