04 April 2008

Cetacean Alliance keeps growing

Cetacean Alliance, a not-for-profit network of non-governmental organizations committed to preserving marine biodiversity and reducing human impact on cetacean populations, keeps growing.

CIRCE (Conservation Information & Research on Cetacean), a Spanish organization doing research in the Strait of Gibraltar and the Gulf of Cadiz, has recently joined the network as a new member.

In addition, Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara and Ricardo Sagarminaga have been elected in the Alliance Steering Group.

Notarbartolo, a renown cetacean specialist, is Tethys’ Honorary president and Chair of the Scientific Committee of ACCOBAMS (the UNEP/CMS Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area). Sagarminaga is President of Alnitak and Coordinator of the Spanish Cetacean Society. Ricardo is known for his commitment to reduce incidental mortality of cetaceans and sea turtles in fishing gear.

Giovanni Bearzi, President of Tethys, has been elected as Coordinator of the Cetacean Alliance.

The aim of the Alliance is to develop synergies and create opportunities for collaboration among individuals and organizations sharing a determination to protect cetaceans. The network includes NGOs with bases in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the US. NGOs in the network have a collective membership of over 101,000.

Silvia Bonizzoni

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