18 May 2008

Seventh European Seminar on Marine Mammals

The Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo is organizing a scientific course called “Seventh European Seminar on Marine Mammals: Biology and Conservation”.

The course is meant for university or post-graduated students, and it will take place in Valencia (Spain) between 15 and 19 September 2008. The programme is rich: from life history, ecology and behaviour, through pathology and anthropologic impact, to habitat modelling, conservation and management.

Lectures are given by experts such as Alex Aguilar, Arne Bjørge, Ana Cañadas, Dan Costa, Mariano Domingo, Gregory Donovan, Peter Evans, Philip Hammond, Christina Lockyer and Juan Antonio Raga. A Tethys expert will be also there: Simone Panigada will give a lecture on “Tracking techniques to study marine mammals”.

If you are interested, consider that 1) registration is limited to a maximum of 100 participants, 2) registration deadline is 8th September 2008, and 3) registration fees are 125 Euros.


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