22 September 2008

Autumn in Kalamos

Autumn has arrived in Kalamos. This week was not the best in terms of weather and sea conditions, but we could try out something new.

The rough sea did not allow doing the surveys in the first days, so we were forced to stay in the island, which was not a punishment at all. This was a good opportunity for a long walk to Kalamos village and to discover the beauty of the island.

After the rain, the air was filled up with the scent of pines, so the walk was pleasant and refreshing. The nature was pretty much alive, lots of insects and birds came out after the rain to get some sunshine. We even spotted a pair of peacocks! We did not realise that time was passing because the view was exceptional and nature was shining in its original colours. The time was just perfect for taking photos, and this day has been a gift for those who - like me - enjoy nature photography.

Despite the sea conditions, we were scanning the sea surface from our land observational point and spending peaceful moments listening to the songs of birds. We saw cormorants drying themselves on the rocks of Episkopi harbour and we could identify some forest birds and pheasants based on their songs. In the backyard of our house there has been a continuous flow of visitors: goats, roosters, pheasants and wonderful butterflies. Living in Episkopi really feels like being a part of nature.

Our hope to spot dolphins increased and finally, on the last day, we had a great sighting with bottlenose dolphins and the group could try out their data collection skills. At the end of the sighting, everyone was ready to take their own photos... and realize that taking photos of dolphins in the wild is not so easy ☺

Overall, this week was full of surprises. Rain, sunshine and strong wind, but there was a good mood and the time we spent together was very pleasant, cooking a lot and listening to the ‘unforgettable’ music of the 80’s during dinner preparation, which created a special atmosphere.

Zsuzsanna Pereszlenyi

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