24 September 2008

Whale Trackers

Whale Trackers
, a series of the five educational documentary films, is going to be officially presented at the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) World Conservation Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Whale Trackers examines the threats that individual species face, and focuses on the people who are making a difference to preserve the animals, by connecting their fate to the health of their respective habitats.

It is based on five episodes about 1) the unique natural history of the Mediterranean Sea and the whales and dolphins that live in this area, 2) the amazing images of the elusive and endangered sperm whales that live along the Hellenic Trench, 3) the foolish illegal driftnet fishery that is putting marine life at risk, 4) the reasons of the disappearance of the wonderful Mediterranean common dolphins, 5) the importance of establishing marine protected areas.

The first and fourth episodes have been done in collaboration with Tethys researchers working in the Ligurian and Ionian Seas.

The video by Chris and Genevieve Johnson (earthOCEAN) will be shown on October 8th, during the IUCN conference, as part of Conservation Cinema, a selection of about 50 movies that showcase examples of successful conservation projects and depict stunning wildlife images and scenery.

If you are not going to attend the IUCN congress you can still watch the videos online... don’t miss them!

Silvia Bonizzoni

More information about the IUCN congress in Barcelona

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