01 September 2008

Cetacean Sanctuary Research, 18-24 August

Per una delle poche volte in vita mia mi sono emozionato e commosso come un bimbo. Da naturalista ormai perso, la vita mi ha condotto altrove... Vi ringrazio per quello che mi avete fatto conoscere, per la felicità che mi avete comunicato e per la vostra amicizia. Siamo stati un'ottima squadra e di tutto questo avrò uno straordinario ricordo che vivrà con me grazie a splendide foto, immagini, sogni e suoni. Mi basterà chiudere gli occhi e starò con voi a poppa a guardare l'umido orizzonte.

Michele, Italy


This was definitely the best week of my summer. We were really lucky to see even a fin whale, as I had hoped (I had never seen mysticetes before). I can only say: great team, great boat, great captain and great animals. It was amazing. I hope I will come back next year.

Julia, Italy


At the end of my third and final week on board Pelagos, I feel I have been so lucky to be a part of such an interesting research project and unforgettable experience. I have had an amazing time searching for cetaceans, enjoying the Italian sunshine and cuisine, and meeting lots of people from Italy, Germany and the U.K. Life on board can be a challenge for some, but I absolutely love it! I would like to say a big thank you to captain Roberto and the fantastic researchers for making my time here as enjoyable and comfortable as possible! The highlights of this adventure that I will always remember include finally seeing a fin whale and watching a family of two juveniles and one adult sperm whale socialising in the evening, performing some spectacular breaches in the light of a gorgeous sunset - we watched this display with amazement until darkness surrounded us. Watching the cetaceans, learning more about them in the lectures has been fascinating. I now understand the importance of research into their behaviour and lives, especially in the Ligurian Sea, where increasing human activities and pressure on the environment are causing potential disturbance to these wonderful and beautiful animals. I'm glad I was able to volunteer to help the researchers in their valuable work, and I wish them all the best for the many years of research to come! To the researchers I met over the past 3 weeks, thank you so much for everything! It has been incredible and I will miss everyone, the whales and dolphins and living on board very much!

Clare, U.K.


E' stata un'esperienza BELLISSIMA, assolutamente da ripetere... quella balenottera a filo d'acqua mi resterà nel cuore e sarà a lei che penserò quando starò morendo al caldo della mia cucina, a lei che scivolava nell'acqua fresca così elegante... Ci vedremo senza dubbio il prossimo anno, baci a grazie grazie grazie a tutti voi che vi fate in 4000 per noi...

Marina, Italy

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