24 May 2009

Delphi's Dolphins 03, 17-23 April

Wow, what a week! Watching dolphins interacting in their natural environment has been a truly amazing experience and especially against such a stunning backdrop. I’ve met a great bunch of people, stayed in a beautiful village and learned a great deal about cetaceans and conservation. What more could one ask for! Thanks to Silvia, Giovanni and Tilen for their kind hospitality and organising such a memorable programme. Just remember to bring your camera!

Tony, U.K.


Learn and watch dolphins, have some exciting conversations about the world today and just relax in a quiet and beautiful city… I really enjoyed my week in Galaxidi and had such a good time with the volunteers and the Tethys team. More than a holiday, it was a really good experience which will contribute to me finding my way :-)

Clara, France


A jolt to the heart, a prick of the conscience... A female trying to support on her fin a dead calf, almost decomposed. Habitat decimation in Kalamos reducing dolphin numbers from 150 to 15 in a generation. But also the elation of my first sight of an airbourne dolphin on a flat sea against snow-capped Greek mountains! ... a week with the Tethys Research Institute in Galaxidi.

Peter, U.K.


A sunny week in the Gulf of Corinth. Watching the dolphins, and on two days we saw a lot of them, was a great experience. These animals are really majestic. Thank you to Silvia, Tilen and Giovanni form the Tethys team, and also thank you to Clara, Tony and Peter for a real good time. And last but not least thank you to Poseidon for keeping the sea flat!

Hermann, Germany

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