11 May 2009

‘Dolphins in a Bottle’ Blog

There is a new blog on the web: ‘Dolphins in a Bottle’.

It is dedicated to the ‘Dolphins of Greece’ project conducted by Tethys in the Gulf of Amvrakikos, in collaboration with the Earthwatch Institute.

This new blog has a much more personal perspective than the Tethys’ blog. It is managed by Joan Gonzalvo (the Tethys researcher in charge) and it is intended to provide frequent updates on what is happening 'behind the scenes' of this project. There, you will find posts about dolphins and marine life, as well as comments left by the volunteers, personal experiences, thoughts, daily events and more.

As Joan writes in the blog: “Dolphins in a Bottle comes to life as an open window for you to take a look, whenever tempted to know how things are going around here. Not tempted yet? Wait and see!”


'Dolphins in a Bottle' Blog
Ionian Dolphin Project

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