31 May 2009

Delphi's Dolphins 04, 24-30 May

Our Dream Team were the first ones to have spotted the striped dolphins, ooh yes! And we were lucky enough to spot the first loggerhead turtle in the area as well, very cool! We have had lots of laughs and interesting conversations over dinner and ouzo with the team members, which will be remembered, no doubt! Do not forget to look at the starry night sky! It is truly amazing :-)

Dipti & Agnes, U.K. and China


What a wonderful week, we were blessed to have seen three sightings and to be the first Delphi's Dolphins team to have spotted the striped dolphins in the gulf. We are from Australia and fortunate to see these beautiful creatures frequently, we enjoyed assisting this great team in research in the Mediterranean. We hope that one day in the future all this hard work will help to increase the population of dolphins to these parts so others can be so fortunate to see them frequently… what cute creatures they are! Thanks to Silvia, Tilen and Giovanni for a great week, you are wonderful. We now don’t eat tuna!!

Jacquie & Luke, Australia


A very special week in lots of ways - the opportunity to spend time out on the water was good enough, but we were, as Jacqui said, blessed with a couple of experiences which will stay with me for a long time, including the 2 minute scramble at 6:30pm one evening, to find a lone dolphin just off the shore near Galaxidi. Sunset dolphin research is the best! Being a single traveller, I couldn’t have asked for a better or more amusing group of volunteers and Silvia, Tilen and Giovanni made the whole experience educational but fun and very personal. My only regret was not bringing a decent pair of sunglasses to assist in the search for dolphins – I am half blind from squinting at the water for hours on end!! Thank you everyone, you RULE!

Aimee, U.K.

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