30 May 2010

Ionian Dolphins 1 (23-29 May)

Thank you so much for a fantastic week everyone but particularly to Sunny Stefano and Sunny Susie. It was great to see how excited you are about seeing dolphins even though you have seen them many times before and how passionate you are about these beautiful creatures and your research. It was really thrilling to see the dolphins and they are so amazing. I can't pick a favourite moment but seeing a dolphin clearly under the water gliding past the boat was something I will always remember. I hope the data is really useful. It was also brilliant to hear about your research, I have learned so much and I really enjoyed looking at the photos and trying to make a match. The time has gone so quickly that tells you how much I have enjoyed it. Galaxidi is beautiful, the water is such a gorgeous colour and we had lots of laughs here. Snorkelling with the fish was a great end to the week. I will continue to try to live as green a lifestyle as I can to do my bit for dolphins and the planet as part of everyday life, not just for holidays! Thanks a million Susie, Stefano, the other volunteers, Tethys!

Jilly (Scotland)


I am basically an armchair enthusiast when it comes to marine life - I love it but not enough to do much about it. I came to Galaxidi partly because of that latent interest and mainly because I couldn't stand the thought of another holiday on my own in the UK. I got more than I bargained for. I learned a lot about dolphins, enough I hope to inspire me to shop more responsibly for fish - to avoid farmed fish and anything that is not environmentally sound in terms of the sea. I developed huge respect for the work of Tethys, particularly the care taken to use the data in a scientifically valid way. I also very much enjoyed swimming in the Gulf and watching all the fish in their natural habitat. I shall never feel the same about dolphinia or aquaria again. Galaxidi is a beautiful place, both physically and as a community. My only regret is that I didn't have more time to explore the area. As for our hosts Stefano and Susie, what can I say? They are charming and supportive and have the greatest integrity towards their work. Thanks and best wishes.

Kate (UK)


It has been a life long dream of mine to actually expierience dolphins in their natural habitat - and coming here was the fulfillment of that dream. It is a week that I will remember for the rest of my life. Realising that dolphin can be remembered by their markings and the nicknames we have given them whilst being here, there are a few very special ones that will always remain close to my heart. Capturing the data with regard to the dolphins has given me great insight into what is required for the preservation and I shall continue to pass all this information on to others. Not only has it been great at sea but the Team was a great bunch of people and I have made new friends all of whom contributed to this expierience with loads of laughter. Many thanks to Tethys for allowing me this experience and a huge thank you to Stefano and Susie... I had a great time. So you will have to put up with me for another week!

Chris (South Africa; now living in the UK)

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