11 April 2009

Delphi's Dolphins 01, 5-11 April

All good things will must come to an end, and so it has happened to our volunteering at the Ionian Dolphin Project Research station in Galaxidi, Greece. After 5 magnificent days I say thanks to Giovanni, Silva, Joan und Aina.

Today was the perfect day. The weather was beautiful, sunny, no clouds, no wind. We had just left the harbour, when Joan shouted “dolphins”. Dolphins were everywhere around us. They were jumping and diving and one of them passed our boat. He was so close, I could almost touch him. My heart is still full of thanks and joy. It was the first time I saw bottlenose dolphins in the wild.

Beside watching the dolphins it was also an interesting week. I learned so much about these magnificent animals and its environment. I really like the computer work, cropping and matching the dolphins photos.

One week full of joy, fun, laughing and experience that I will never forget, comes to an end! We will be back one day! I say now bye-bye, adios, arrivederci and addio.

Gunda, Germany


An experience unsurpassed by any other! I have spent many years working on the waters of the world and have always had some contact to dolphins one way or another. But now after a week here at the Ionian Dolphin Project research station in Galaxidi I see dolphins in a totally different light. Having learned how to spot, classify, and identify dolphins in a way that I never knew existed due to the expert teaching of the people here at the station. It was a feeling of being here not just as an observer, but instead as being an active member of the team being involved in every aspect of the work that makes this type of research possible and at the same time learning so much about how it is done.

It is not only the scientific aspect but also the fun loving atmosphere that being with these people brings. I feel that I have met much more than researchers, I have met new friends that feel as close to as I would feel to my own family. I have enjoyed so much being here and leave tomorrow with a heavy heart, but I know I will be back some day.

Joan, Silvia, Giovanni, and Aina Thank-You so much for such a fantastic experience and being able to be part of the new start and the beginning success of this new station. We WILL be in touch.

William, California

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