09 April 2009

My first sighting

On the 7th of April we left the harbour of Galaxidi early in the morning, with calm waters and cold temperatures. You could feel much silence and concentration on board. In our first attempt we sighted a group of dolphins far away, but they disapeared by the time we got there. But after two and a half hours we spotted a group of thirteen bottlenose dolphins (including two calves and one juvenile). This was the first dolphin sighting in my life and I can just say that it was amazing. The dolphins were awesome and not shy at all!

I must say that at the beginning I was quite nervous, as predicted, but I tried to keep calm and do my best to carry out all my duties. I tried to do everything to the best of my abilities. I felt really excited but at the same time I could feel the responsibility of memorising the behaviour and always keep an eye on the dolphins.

I really enjoyed my first survey and I’m sure I’ll never forget it. I feel really lucky and grateful to have this unique opportunity of learning and being able to share with my colleagues Silvia, Joan and Giovanni the development of this new project in the Gulf of Corinth. I really believe in the aims of this project and I’m glad to be here and to be part of it from the begining.

I can´t wait until tomorrow to find the dolphins again! I hope that the next time I will be the first to spot them, that would be wonderful.

Aina Pascual Cuadras

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