03 August 2009

Cetacean Sanctuary Research 10, 27 July – 2 August

Osservare cetacei in libertà, nel loro ambiente naturale, potendo esprimere la loro totale essenza credo sia qualcosa di indescrivibile… non potrei andarmene più contenta per i numerosi avvistamenti fatti! Ringrazio tutto lo staff per aver risposto in maniera esaustiva a tutte le mie domande, potervi vedere al lavoro per me è stata una bellissima occasione… prenderò esempio da voi!

Francesca, Italy

A week with amazing sightings, good weather, an international group of people, a friendly crew and, of course, the most beautiful ship in the world: Pelagos. We were very lucky to see five sperm whales, a big group of pilot whales, striped dolphins, sea turtles, two manta rays and other animals. I didn’t expected to see so many different species which were sometimes just one or two meters away from you. Seeing whales and dolphins in the wild is an experience you will never forget! When they jump out of the water it’s just like – WOW! We also saw a sperm whale jumping, which is a very unusual behaviour. His whole body was in the air and I’ll never forget that unbelievable amazing picture, I’m sure. This week was one of the best in my life, so thanks to Morgana, Elisa, Claudia, Margherita, Roberto and Mauro, who made it so unforgettable.

Antonia, Germany


I knew that this week had the potential to be a great experience but I couldn’t imagine just how thrilling it would be see to see the whales and the dolphins up so close in their natural habitat.
There was so much we were lucky with - the group, the crew, the weather was absolutely perfect and so many sightings of different creatures. Sadly there were no fin whales to be seen but having the pilot whales spend so long with us more than made up for it (and filled up my memory card and discharged my camera batteries). And whilst swimming in the sea was most refreshing, I tried not too hard to think about just how deep the water was beneath me! I had a great week despite the sleep I lost because of the nightshifts, although a rather closer encounter than was necessary given the open sea with a sailing boat that seemed not to know what direction they were travelling in, during our second night shift added to an otherwise rather quiet time! The memories of the week, which went far too quickly will stay with me for a very long time.

Tracy, England

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