16 August 2009

Delphi's Dolphins 14, 9-15 August

UNFORGETTABLE. Thank you Tethys Team, thank you dolphins… And I’ll never say again: ‘‘le thon… c’est bon!’’

Alice, France


How lucky I was when I clicked on a website which led me to Tethys' dolphin conservation project in Galaxidi. I was just expecting a 7-day break in Greece to discover dolphins in their environment… I got this and so much more. Let’s start by the beginning: the nice little city of Galaxidi and the confortable on-the-top-of-the-hill house managed by a warm and welcoming team. Then, daily sessions to learn about dolphins, overfishing, global impact of our contemporary way of living on Earth resources. Thanks to these talks and to the documentaries we watched, you do not remain a simple volunteer fond of wild cetaceans, you have the chance to reconsider your own role as a citizen in this world. This aspect of the stay was unexpected and, in my view, essential and so well presented and conducted by Joan and Silvia. Bravo and thank you for your commitment to my conciousness raising. Let’s move on to the boat settings to observe dolphins and other creatures. There is no words to express the feelings you have when you are in a boat surrounded by hundreds of dolphins playing together, bowriding… I just wish that anyone could have this chance once in a lifetime, together with passionate team members who respect the animals. It was just unforgettable and spectacular. At the same time, with the Tethys team, the chance is not only to watch and admire dolphins but to help counting them, recording their different behaviours, localising the groups and then cropping the pictures, matching the dorsal fins etc. It is worth to take part in this aspect of the daily work as it is just indispensable to better know dolphins and carry on protecting them. This week was also the demonstration that you can deal with serious issues and topics with pleasure, humour, lots of laughs and bottles of wine! I have very much appreciated Aina’s patience (I wish you the best for your thesis), Joan’s sense of humour, knowledge and dedication (I wish you good luck for your PhD and the best for your life… and don’t forget to buy sunglasses!) and Silvia’s pedagogic talents and warm presence (I hope to meet you in France in the future). Thanks again to the three of you for making this week so unique, and to the Tethys’ Board to keep this programme sustainable. A bientot! C’etait formidable!

Gaelle, France


‘Nous avons tous la tete dans le caniveau mais certains d’entre nous savent regarder les etoiles’ --Oscar Wilde

Here, in Galaxidi, to see stars just look at dolphin’s eyes. I saw them… so thanks a lot for this to you Aina, Silvia, Joan (sweety so tired grizzly ☺). Thanks for your kindness and your patience!

Odile, France

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