23 June 2011

CSR-05 (June, 13th - 19th)

What an amazing week! The weather in the first part of the week was absolutely perfect, we spent one night and two days at sea in the pelagic area and were able to sight many different fin whales, including a mother and calf pair and a lonely juvenile, striped dolphins, one sperm whale, a turtle and a blue shark. On Thursday, when we thought the week could not go better than that, we sighted a group of Risso’s dolphins together with a Sperm whale. The two species were interacting with each other making us witnesses of a very rare event. The rough sea on Friday gave the participants an opportunity to visit the Oceanographic Museum of Montecarlo and on Saturday the week ended with one more sighting of Sperm whale and a party onboard our research vessel Pelagos.

Elisa, Christina, Monica and Marie

Following link is for participants of this week's expedition, showing the ship's route, pictures of some of the sightings and of some moments of the cruise which were memorable (or even not...)

Ai partecipanti al turno è dedicato uno spazio con il percorso effettuato durante la settimana, le foto di alcuni avvistamenti e qualche immagine dei momenti da ricordare - importanti e non.

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Stefania said...

WOW!!!! What an amazing week you really have had! Such incredible encounters! I wish I were there & cannot wait to get enough money together to join you on an expedition soon. Continue the great work!!!! Stefania