23 June 2011

CSR_05: some volunteers' comments

Thank you for this wonderful experience. This week was so good in so many ways; nice weather, fantastic people and lots of beautiful whales and dolphins. And thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn more about the whales and dolphins, which was very useful.
Moja and Ida (Oslo, Norway)

Thank you very much Tethys for showing me my first whale ever, it has been an amazing experience I will never forget. It was amazing to get so close up and personal with so many of these beautiful animals, I now have a better appreciation for this majestic creatures and will continue to support you and other organisations alike to preserve these creatures. Thanks also for the wonderful food and good times shared on board.
Ben (Melbourne, Australia)

Thank you for such an amazing experience!
Even better the second time around.
Three amazing weeks filled with fun times on and off the sea.
Holy Cow! Two whale breaches in one week.
You meet wonderful people from across the world.
So, anyone interested in learning from experts while working in the field should participate!
Mallory Messenger (Ohio, USA)

Thank you so much for adding such a awesome experience to my life. A lots of thanks to the whole Tethys team, I had such a good time. I have never seen so many amazing animals in such a short time. I had a great week and met a lot of nice people.
Katrin Schroll (Matzing, Germany)

Thank you for giving me such an amazing time. We saw so many animals and it was great.
Elke Vollmer (Winnenden Germany)

We had an incredible week with really nice people and whales in quite a good mood. Each day topped the day before - breaching fin whale and sperm whale, Rissos joining a sperm whale and many special moments more, we will never forget.
One day there were a shark and a loggerhead turtle during breakfast, fin whales for lunch and bowriding Striped dolphins during dinner – could you wish anything more?
Thank you so much all the Tethys team for answering all our questions and their patience.
Miriam & Henning (Oldenburg, Germany)

Thank you so much for the awesome week. It was a week that I will never forget. I loved seeing all the animals, and am so glad we were so lucky this week. Everyone on the boat was so nice and I will miss everyone. I hope the luck continues, and you have many more great weeks!
Brienne (Ohio, USA)

This marks the end of my fifth week across two summers aboard Pelagos. I had such an amazing experience last year, so I had my expectations set rather high. But, I have to say that these last three weeks have far exceeded my expectations. Amazing sightings filled with fin whales, sperm whales, jumping manta rays, thrashing swordfish, Risso’s dolphins, and we were even lucky enough to observe a fin whale and a sperm whale breach! Seeing the cetaceans was amazing, but building friendships with the people on board was just as rewarding. I was extremely fortunate to have such a great crew each week. All of the principal investigators, research assistants, and participants were so much fun to be around. Thank you to everyone for another unforgettable summer ☺
Sydni (Ohio, USA)

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