16 June 2008

Kalamos, 8-14 June

First of all, many thanks to my friend who showed me the article in a weekly newspaper called “Sonntagsblitz” because that was the begin of this wonderful week. Second, thanks to the team here in Episkopi in this week we where five Marina Shiva, Una, Marcel and me and the time I could spend in this team was definitely great!!! We have done and seen many things in this week so I can not tell which of the unbelievable moments was the best. All I can say that I am full of impressions and I am absolutely sure that I will come back again to Kalamos and the Tethys project. The last week was one of the best experiences of my life thanks to all an in future I will stay “positive” as well ;-)

Carola, Germany


This is going to be short and sweet, like my stay here in Kalamos. Quite simply I had a fantastic time, without exaggeration one of the best weeks of my life! I loved every minute, learned a lot and had a good laugh. I love the atmosphere here and of course going out every day looking for dolphins. I love the passion these people have for their work (not something I have found in food technology). Marina is a wonderful teacher & I think Marcel and Shiva are following in her footsteps. Many thanks to Marina, Shiva & Marcel for making my (much too short ) time here so enjoyable and being such good company. My only regret is that I cannot stay longer. But I will definitely be back!

Una, Ireland

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