22 June 2008

Pingers and dolphins

A new study about pinger efficiency has been recently published.

“Pingers as deterrents of bottlenose dolphins interacting with trammel nets” was written by three experts from GRUMM, the group for the study and conservation of marine mammals at the University of Barcelona (Spain): Manel Gazo, Joan Gonzalvo and Alex Aguilar.

The study focuses on the effectiveness of pingers in discouraging common bottlenose dolphins from approaching trammel nets in Majorca, Balearic Islands, an area where dolphin depredation is significant. The authors evaluate dolphin damage to the nets and economic loss by fishermen.

The interesting conclusion is that though pingers did not stop dolphins from approaching the fishing nets, the nets equipped with functional pingers received less damage than nets with non-functional devices or without pingers. Authors also discovered that pingers did not appear to have any effect on fishery target species but may cause unwanted environmental impacts, which are also reviewed in the article.

Since 2006 Joan Gonzalvo works with Tethys as Principal investigator in the research project conducted in the Amvrakikos Gulf, Greece.

Silvia Bonizzoni

Photo from Gazo et al. 2008

For more information:
Gazo M., Gonzalvo J., Aguilar A. 2008. Pingers as deterrents of bottlenose dolphins interacting with trammel nets. Fisheries Research 92:70-75.

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