01 March 2009

Book of the Month: March 2009

Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals – Second Edition

by W.F. Perrin, B. Würsig and J.G.M. Thewissen


Academic Press


The long-awaited 2nd edition of the famous Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals has finally been published!

This 1352 pages-long thorough revision of the classic first edition brings this authoritative book right up-to-date. Over 260 articles describe every species in detail, based on the very latest taxonomy, and a host of biological, ecological and sociological aspects relating to marine mammals. The most recent information on the biology, ecology, anatomy, behavior and interactions with man is provided by a cast of expert authors, all presented in such detail and clarity to support both marine mammal specialists and the naturalists.

William Perrin, one of the authors, said “All articles have been updated. New articles have been added to cover new developments in marine mammal science, such as those related to climate change and the interface of ecology and conservation, as well as some established topics not fully explored in the first edition (2002). Significant changes since the first edition appeared extend to the roster of marine mammsl, with the discovery of new species (e.g., Omura's whale) and the extinction of another (the baiji). These and other changes are fully covered. Most illustrations are now in color.”

The 1352 pages book contains 739 illustrations which show every species and document topical articles.


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