05 March 2009


Damir Peršić has died yesterday of heart failure.

Damir, together with his wife Nena, has been one of the strongest supporters and promoters of the Adriatic Dolphin Project in Croatia. His death at such young age brings great sorrow. Damir was a fine artist, ceramist and photographer. With his hands, he could do anything from house construction to the nicest of artworks. He was also a great cook, with an outstanding sense for beauty and taste.

Damir has been one of my dearest friends. His intelligence and humour lighted up my years in Croatia. He was always willing to help, bringing creativity into anything he did. With him, you could talk about dolphin conservation, filmmaking, modern art, meditation, science, religion, the meaning of life... whatever, and he would bring insight and good mood into any discussion.

With Damir, Nena, and their daughter Inja I've had a great time. For several years, they have been my Croatian family and their home was the nest where I could find a refuge in my difficult moments. Damir was always there to provide shelter and friendly advice.

While I haven't seen him for ten years or more, it felt reassuring to know that he was there, in his beautiful house of Veli Lošinj. One cannot imagine that good people may leave in such a way.

Giovanni Bearzi

Photo: "Titanic", an early ceramic artwork by Damir


Anonymous said...

Goodbye, Damir... Rest in peace...

Anonymous said...

Bellissime parole! Grazie Giovanni!
Damir era una buona e grande persona.
Sono conotenta per conoscierTi Damir... RIP