04 July 2010

Cetacean Sanctuary Research 7 (28 June - 04 July)

The seventh CSR cruise was so full of encounters that we managed to reach the 100th sighting overall of this season much earlier than the previous years. We had 3 sightings of fin whales, for a total of five individuals; more than 20 sightings of striped dolphin, and the last day the sighting of a sperm whale — an already known individual. We spent three nights away from the main port: one in the open sea and two in the bay of Villefranche and close to Iles Lerins. Great navigation, great people and a lot of data collected. Could you ask for more?

Alessia, Morgana, Letizia, Yaima (CSR Team members)


A very special week that I will remember always! I feel really honoured to have spent this time with the team of researchers and the animals. Every sighting was a gift and the time spent with such a spectacular group of people was truly a blessing. I hope to come back again and again and believe that each time will be just as special. Thank you to the wonderful team of researchers and participants – I will remember you always!

Anne (USA)


This was my fourth and final week on Pelagos this summer. You’d think after a month I would be tired of living on a small boat, but I don’t want to leave. The experiences I have had here are unforgettable. I came to this program because I wanted to gain undergraduate marine research experience, but I got so much more. I have gotten to know people from all over the world and experienced a small part of their lives, and believe me, when you’re living in such small quarters you really get to know each other! The cetaceans are beautiful, evolved, complex creatures that inspire wonder, awe, and hope, and seeing them in their natural habitat has been a real privilege, but it’s the memories you create and the bonds you form with people and other animals alike that define the unique experience Tethys has to offer. It has inspired me to take action for these endangered creatures and as I continue my young career I will always remember the time I spent doing research with Tethys. Great work and thank you for everything.

Anna (USA)


It was a very nice week, full of emotions and special encounters! Thank you for this new experience, you are a very good team that work with passion and always with a smile! It’s a good experience also to meet new people, maybe different but funny and very nice. I hope that this week help me to find my way after school; thank you for all, kiss!

Krizia (Italia)

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