03 July 2010

Ionian Dolphins 6 (27 June - 3 July)

In the picturesque Galaxidi with its deep turquoise Mediterranean waters, to be with a group of environmentalists, conservationists – researchers and volunteers alike – is like coming home. With such a diverse group it's soul nurturing to discuss the facts and findings to the problems we face globally. Every person’s input and perspective adds value to the process of Change. I believe the Tethy’s experience leads us, as an educated consumer, to raise awareness among other people and together to take a step towards doing the right thing. Whether it be from your own conscience or complacency, join Tethys to open your eyes to another world, another reality. Not enough good remarks can be made to the Tethys team! They are absolutely amazing people.

Jamie, USA


Dear Silvia and Giovanni, the dolphins of the Gulf of Corinth are an amazing part of your life. But you offer so much more to your volunteers. If every volunteer picks up a bit of the "Tethys Spirit", you will make the world a better place.
Dear Panni, you have been such a great caretaker to us. You are a very aware assistant and therefore a great help for the team.
Thank you very much.

Arnold & Dagmar, Germany


I came on this trip with my wife Chloe as she had previously volunteered on a dolphin conservation project in Brazil and I liked the sound a week of being on a boat looking for dolphins in the sunshine. I wasn’t disappointed – the weather was great, I loved being out on the boat in the Gulf, and although we only had two sightings from five days, it was fantastic. Off the boat, we were well looked after by the team – the plentiful supplies of fresh fruit and veg (and Peroni) went down particularly well! In terms of the discussions we had, it was disheartening to hear of the serious decline in marine life in the Med and especially the massive depletion of fish stocks. This was something I was aware of in the North Sea, but hadn’t really appreciated the worldwide scale of the problem. It’s something I will go home and try to spread the message about. After the third lecture we did feel we had to cheer Giovanni up though, so gave him a few examples of some good ecological work going on in the UK! This week has been a real tonic and a total change from the pressures of my own job. Many thanks for making it such an enjoyable experience.

Allan, Scotland


Ever since first seeing dolphins bow riding a Hebridean ferry as a child I have wanted to spend more time observing them. What made this project special was the small boat which enabled us to be at the same height as the dolphins. I was able to lean over the side of the boat and see the dolphins swimming alongside and under the boat and see them prepare to jump which is impossible from a bigger boat. The landscape around the Gulf of Corinth is beautiful, on the days when we did not find the dolphins it was a pleasure being out on the water. On the roughest day when we could barely leave the bay we stopped for a coffee at Itea which is such a great way to travel. We spent the afternoons reading or swimming and listening to the thunder storms in the nearby hills. The team looked after us really well with their generous welcome, thoughtful advice and thought provoking lectures on the work of Tethys and the challenges to marine conservation. Many thanks.

Chloe, Scotland

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