16 July 2010

Unidentified dolphin species in the Gulf of Corinth

On July 14th, Tethys researchers and volunteers were surveying the bay of Galaxidi when at 8:20 AM a dolphin was spotted on the horizon.

The research boat immediately reached the dolphin position and the team got ready with all the scientific equipment: cameras, stopwatches, palmtop, behaviour forms etc.

Since the beginning, researchers understood the exceptionality of the sighting. The dolphin was alone and floating at the surface in a really relaxed mood. As the boat approached the animal, everyone was surprised by the unique pigmentation and 'happy face'.

Stationary behaviour was recorded for the entire sighting, suggesting that the dolphin was probably sleeping, so researchers decided to let him sleep undisturbed.

Thanks to photos of the dorsal fin and the entire body, researchers are now are trying to identify the species of the animal; they will also investigate whether the animal is resident in the area or transient.

Click on the photo and help the Tethys team to identify the species ;-)

Silvia Bonizzoni

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