24 July 2010

Ionian Dolphins 9 (18-24 July)

This has been a time that I have personally lived a life-long dream knowing that I will never be the same on this journey through life. There are no words that can be spoken to describe this experience-- only a change in the deepest part of my heart and soul. I leave, believing that together the world can change. Until we meet again.

Karen, USA


It was the third time I participated in Tethys courses. And it was once again a great occasion for me to learn more about dolphin behaviour, research protocols, field methodology, overfishing etc. Meeting dolphins was really an energetic experience. But I am still hesitating what was more imporant for me here during the course – dolphins or people... Of course I am happy that I met dolphins (three times) during our field study this week, but for me it was a really nice time first of all because of Tethys Team and other Volunteers. Giovanni - thanks for your huge knowledge, your lectures, enthusiasm, values and ideas you share. Silvia – thanks for your great work on the sea, your practice, passion and beautiful smile. Panni - thanks for your support all the time, your notices and your patience. Riccardo, Karen, Philippa – thanks for your company, your sense of humor, the atmosphere you have created. With that kind of people I still believe – we can change something.

Jakub, Poland


I don’t want to be repetitive and boring saying things like: “this has been a life-changing experience so amazing that truly touched me changing my life and the way I look at things, people and generally the world”. I won’t say that because there is no need. It has just been a really invaluable and enriching exeperience for me. After having undertook these two weeks of research with Tethys I discovered and learned many new things about dolphins, the threats that they are facing and the research that is conducted in order to solve these problems. However, I have to say that what I really learned is that the future of dolphins doesn’t depend on them but... on us, and our relation with the environment! (...) I cannot express the gratitude that I have for the researchers and all the staff of Tethys but especially for the people who I worked and lived with in these two weeks. A special thanks to Silvia and “smiling Panni” for the patience and the effort that you put to help us, unexperienced volunteers. Keep going like this: you have been really amazing and inspiring for me. Without you this project wouldn’t be the same and without any doubt it would not work as well as it now does.

Riccardo, Italy

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