17 July 2010

Ionian Dolphins 8 (11-17 July 2010)

This was my first time in Greece and I can safely say that this week was by far one of the best of my life. I study environmental conservation at university so I was aware of the problems that the seas and oceans are facing but having this experience has truly been life-changing for me. Seeing the dolphins out in their natural environment, playing, communicating... was amazing and brought tears of happiness to my eyes but also sadness knowing that humans are destroying them carelessly. Before coming on this trip, I was wondering what area to specialise in when I graduate but now, just after one week here, I am certain of where I want to head. Silvia and Panni were a pleasure to be with this week, thank you so much for everything, I can’t find words to express my gratitude to you both. Silvia, you have transmitted your passion to me and the way you talk about the world is really inspiring: how we can change everyhting if we truly want to. Panni, sorry for being so useless with Photoshop!! Thank you for your help, patience and smiles; it was like having a big sister around this week. I will never forget this place and hope to return in the very near future... the people, setting and atmosphere made me feel like I was in paradise for a few days. Well done Silvia and Panni for all your hard work, I promise I will pass on all the knowledge from this week to all my family and friends.

Laura, France


After a long year studying hard at college I needed reminding about why I was doing this, and by participating in this project I was reinspired about what I was aiming to achieve in my future career in Marine Biology. Watching the dolphins swim and jump made me even more passionate about doing my part in helping the marine species. Studying biology as an A level gives an insight into diversity and conservation but after seeing the documentary “The End of The Line” I realised just how severe the problems mankind has caused. I absolutely love what this project is doing and am thankful that Tethys allows volunteers to help, because it is an amazing experience to participate in, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Silvia and Panni are very friendly and hold a lot of passion for their work was something to look up to. I will definetely miss being able to see the dolphins in the wild, along with the beauty of Greece, but I will not miss the early morning wake ups. Thank you for everything, I still cannot believe my luck at finding out about this project.

Dominque, U.K.


With the observation of dolphins, a dream turned into reality. It was so great, that we could help with the real research and we’ve got more background information about their actual situation and all the problems related to overfishing... Thank you for this great week which enriched my life!

Mirjam, Switzerland

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