28 June 2007

From the IDP guestbook (June 2007)

"Leaving Episkopi, the time is 8:30 and we are positive!” that is how the first day on field started. But then it was the thrill of the search, the eyes surveying the horizon and then the voice of Annalise “there”. Heartbeat rises, the preparation for the data collection and finally we see them up close. It is that particular moment where everything seems perfect. That moment when you feel complete happiness, alive, full and at the same time so small. That particular time that all the words can not describe. Keep on smiling guys they know you re there for them. Thank you! C u soon.
Evi (IDP 03)

I don’t want to descend into clichés about it being a ‘magical’ experience or other such nonsense. It was quite simply a brilliant week, spent with great company, learning a lot more than just about dolphins. The dedication of Stefano and Annalise to the project and to making their guests welcome is beyond compare. It has been a truly memorable experience, making we realise how shallow and empty my life at home is!!!!!
Simon (IDP 04)

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