29 February 2008

Irish Dolphins Conference

The conference is scheduled for May 12th to14th, 2008, and takes place in Dingle, Co.Kerry (Ireland). Dingle is famous as the home of Fungie, the sociable bottlenose dolphin that 24 years ago choose to settle in this harbour and to interact with locals.

The meeting is related to this kind of active interaction between dolphins and humans. The main goal is to share different experience with interactive dolphins and to try to answer to some debated points, such as: when is it OK to swim with dolphins and when it is not, what are the actual threats to an interactive dolphin's health and life, why do some people want to control or ban swimming with dolphins, can a general Code of Conduct for swimming with dolphins be drawn up, etc.

The meeting will have an European focus, but experts in all aspects of dolphin-human interactions and studies from all over the world are expected to attend. Biologists, psychologist, anthropologists, writers, film-makers and many people with long experience of interacting with cetaceans, are also invited.

If you’re interested, please note that there are only 80 places available!


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