15 February 2008

Save the Moray Firth Dolphins

The bottlenose dolphins of the Moray Firth, Scotland, are probably the best-known and most-studied cetaceans in the United Kingdom. The population is small (only 130 individuals), isolated and vulnerable. These is why, in 2005, a Special Area of Conservation was established to protect their core habitat - the Moray Firth.

Despite this designation, in December 2007 the U.K. Government decided, unbelievably, to allow oil and gas exploitation and development - right within the dolphin sanctuary.

If we let them do this, the small and vulnerable population of bottlenose dolphins living in the Moray Firth will be exposed to significant danger.

Your help is therefore needed. The Government has allowed until March, 14th, for the public to respond.

Please sign the petition to persuade the UK Government to keep oil and gas out of the Moray Firth dolphin sanctuary.


To sign the petition:

For more information: http://www.wdcs.org/dan/publishing.nsf/allnews/B3D3C0AD55F1EAEF802573E5005084A1

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