06 August 2008

Cetacean Sanctuary Research, 28 July - 03 August

Fantastic week! I loved everything so much - wonderful people, amazing Pelagos boat, lots of interesting discoveries, unbelievable luck with meeting such a variety of different animals and very bright emotions you can never feel anywhere else: night shifts under star cover, lonely boat in sea sunrise and mid-day sunny breeze, exciting bow-riding of dolphins and open sea “bagni”, lessons and films uncovering conservation essence and making me to really think about the current situation of nature. Dear Team, thank you very much for all the knowledge, care, passion and dedication you have shared this week. I have learned a lot from you and this trip has definitely changed me. Good luck in all you do and see you next time!

Katya, Ucraine


E' stata la mia prima esperienza di una crociera studio e, rimarrà sempre nella mia mente. Ho vissuto momenti magici pieni di contenuti umani, scientifici, emozionali. Non è così facile essere contemporaneamente attorniato da natura, professionisti, amici; sì perché l'alto contenuto scientifico è stato proposto nel modo migliore: in modo semplice per non addetti ai lavori, senza togliere niente alla vacanza, coinvolgendo i partecipanti e come lo si potrebbe proporre ad amici di vecchia data. Anche i partecipanti hanno giocato un ruolo molto importante: ci siamo incontrati per la prima volta e giorno per giorno siamo diventati sempre più amici, il tutto riscontrabile in una sempre più stretta collaborazione. Devo per questo ringraziare tutti: staff, partecipanti, organizzazione e naturalmente l'Istituto Tethys. E' stata la prima esperienza ma, sicuramente , ne seguiranno altre. Grazie a tutti!

Giuseppe, Italy


These past two weeks have been an unforgettable experience - the people I've met, the things I've seen, and everything I've learned will stay with me forever. I admit, I was a little nervous before I came because it was my first time in a new country by myself, and I barely knew a word of Italian. But the amazing researchers and skipper, along with all of the wonderful participants, made me feel right at home. This trip has taught me so much about cetaceans, a topic about which I knew very little about prior to the trip. I have so much admiration for the researchers, who work extremely hard and are always very enthusiastic. I really valued the lessons and the found the videos we watched to be very informative, a part of the program which I hope is continued. The Tethys crew provided me with a wonderful introduction to the world of cetacean conservation which I plan on learning more about in the future. Thanks for the memories, and much love -

Rachel, USA

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