24 August 2008

Kalamos, 17-23 August

First of all, I have to thank you for your kindness and your smile even at 6:30AM, and your very ‘perfect’ social behaviour, the way you teach us your scientific protocol, which is very scary and well done. I shall remember it. You communicate perfectly not only your enthusiasm for dolphins but make us feel our responsibility as human beings. This experience was totally new and very complete, a new way to discover Greece not from the ‘sacred places’ and temples, like Delphi or Epidaure, but from an inflatable boat on the surface of the sea.

Brigitte, France


I want to tell you a beautiful story of a lucky boy. This lucky boy is me, Benjamin. I spent one week with seven girls, nice isn't it? These girls cooked very well and were very nice! That’s why you have to help them (Annalise and Silvia), you will spend one week with the sun, cute cats, a nice home and a beautiful sea. Oh!! I almost forget, with dolphins too!!! So now I’m going back home with a lot of things in my head about dolphins and women! Thanks for this adventure, it was really nice and I’m very happy to have seen so many dolphins.

Benjamin, France


I’d like to thank the Tethys crew. I spent a lovely week in a paradise without tourists, but with really cute cats. Also seeing dolphins so close to me was an experience I won’t forget. You know what they are able to do, but when it happens 5 meters from you it’s completely different. Even if you have to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning and wait for the first dolphin it’s nothing compared to how you feel when you leave Kalamos. But it’s not only about watching dolphins, it’s also about their problems and eventually you realise how dolphins are in a bad situation. This lets you think about these wonderful animals and their future.

Alice, France (16 years old)


Mum of the two children above... I'm so happy about my week! A dream came true and it opened my mind towards a new personal project in the years to come... so thanks a lot Annalise, Silvia and Kelsea. Your knowledge is very interesting and you have also so many human qualities!

Catherine, France

Drawing by Giovanni Bearzi

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