19 August 2008

Dolphins of Greece, 10-19 August

Five female teachers all lucky enough to gain a place on a trip of a lifetime. May I just say what a great time we all had researching dolphins here in Vonitsa.

Susie was great, sweet, pretty and patient, Joan has wit, humour, sarcasm and very cheeky/sexy smile (and he knows it!). On a more serious side, he has focus and drive, always wanting us to get the most out of the experience. Giovanni, polite, quiet and obviously the brain behind the whole thing... and then we mustn’t forget Posi the dog who just brings the whole big happy family together!

The hospitality was excellent, the food delicious, the company great, the dolphins incredible and the overall experience is one not to be forgotten.

I think I can speak for us all, in that we have learnt a lot, in a beautiful place and from three people who were all great to be around (7am in the morning wasn’t necessarily the best time), but still, there was never a moment when we weren’t made to feel at home and welcomed...

The work being done is essential and it is great to meet people who are so passionate about what they do. I just wish that everyone could see what we are doing to our land and seas and try to do their own bit to help... admiration to you all.

Kiko, Kirsty, Ruth, Lesley and Rachel (U.K.)

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