21 January 2009

Aerial survey in the Pelagos Sanctuary: a message from the field

Posted below is the latest "message from the field" sent in by the researchers engaged in the aerial survey of cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary: Simone Panigada, Giancarlo Lauriano and Nino Pierantonio.

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Hi everybody,

for those of you who are interested, I am sending an updated figure with the tracks covered so far and the striped dolphin sightings (white square).

We saw a basking shark yesterday in the Asinara gulf.

All is going fine, still no fin whales, but we have hope for the north-western part of the Sanctuary.

The weather has not been great so far, we manage to fly only 3-4 hours per day due to bad weather conditions, while we could easily fly for 7-8 in good and calm weather.

Today we are not going out, we hope to be able to fly tomorrow.

Eleonora de Sabata, a friend and journalist from Rome, has been with us for the week end, and will write some articles for the Italian media.

Best regards,

Simone, Giancarlo and Nino

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